Marion, MA

Chiron Physical Therapy of Marion

Formerly named Sippican Physical Therapy
Same Owners . . . Same Great Staff . . . Same Convenient Location . . . New Name

Chiron Physical Therapy Marion, MA

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Our Mission

Here at Chiron Physical Therapy of Marion, our mission is to provide the most highly skilled physical therapy services available to permanent and seasonal residents of Massachusetts’ South Coast region who are disabled by pain, dysfunction, disease or injury. We take a progressive approach in meeting your individual needs by providing comprehensive treatment plans consisting of personalized exercise programs, manual therapeutic techniques, and physical therapy modalities designed to relieve discomfort, reduce symptoms, restore function, and help achieve an optimum level of health.


Perfect PT is just around the corner. At Chiron Physical Therapy of Marion, we are committed to making people feel better. You are always our priority. That’s why we’ll create a customized treatment plan to meet your specific needs. Contact us today for your first appointment!